A highlight of any visit to the Audubon House is a tour of the property’s one-acre tropical gardens where orchids, bromeliads orchids, bromeliads, rare tropical palms and crotons.

A stroll along the gardens’ paved brick pathways reveals the vibrant blooms of more than 200 orchids while butterflies and birds flit in and out of lush foliage. Native and exotic trees and plants are labeled with their common names, Latin names, and country of origin for easy identification.

The garden features a replica 1850s-era cook house and medicinal and herb garden to provide visitors a glimpse of life in a mid-19th century Key West household.

After a self-guided garden tour, a koi pond memorializing local poet and author John Malcolm Brinnin provides an inviting spot to relax and watch the herons that like to fish there.

It is in the gardens where the art of John James Audubon truly comes alive. Local folklore says Audubon visited the gardens that existed on the property in 1832 and used images from the gardens in his drawings of local birds.

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